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1. Delivery of the ordered goods


The products ordered through the online store are delivered by courier. Deliveries are made throughout Europe.

Upon delivery, the recipient signs the AWB confirming the delivery in full and without missing the ordered products.


The delivery is carried out in accordance with the conditions indicated for the delivery method in the shopping basket, in the terms described in the Basket. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the Company reserves the right to extend the term for delivery, informing the User in due time.


The products are delivered to the recipients in person against a signature, and larger parcels (after the assessment of the people who carry out the delivery) are delivered at the entrance of the building. In case of impossibility or difficulty of personal handover to the recipient, the parcels are handed over as follows:


For work address - person with a job at that address, mentioning the name of the person who received the parcel.

For home address – family member, mentioning the name of the person who received the package.

In case of impossibility of delivering the package, not due to the fault of the Company or the courier, the person making the delivery calls the phone number indicated for contact with the customer, in order to establish the headquarters of the courier company where the customer will be able to receive. command.


In case of impossibility of handing over the package, not due to the fault of the Company or the courier and the impossibility of contacting the customer, the distance sales contract is automatically terminated.


Delivery is made within 2 (two) - 5 (five) working days, from the data processing to of your order. Orders placed after 4 p.m., as well as on Saturdays, Sundays or official non-working days, are processed on the next working day.


 2.Returns and complaints about products

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract HERE and return the products ordered from within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product.

In case of a return, the customer has the obligation to contact us on Life Chat directly from the website or to the email address in order to obtain the return form.


RETURN POLICY. The company is to receive the product sent in the original box/packaging with label, invoice and other documents (if applicable) and without indications that the product has been used by the customer, without being damaged or treated in any way.


If the Customer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract, the Company will refund to the user the value paid by him for the returned product and the cheapest delivery price, bearing the bank expenses. The company's curation services

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